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Dash 8 Q400 x-plane | فروشگاه داناکده

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Dash 8 Q400  x-plane
اسفند ۲۲, ۱۳۹۶
۰ تومان

Dash 8 Q400 x-plane

Dash 8 Q400  x-plane

Dash 8 Q400 x-plane

Product information Dash 8 Q400

The Dash 8 Q-400 has a max range of 2.900 km and is used for regional flights for example from Air Berlin, Austrian Arrows, Horizon and many more.

Accurate Flight Characteristics: Created from over 60 hours of flight tests with information from real world data and backed by actual Q400 pilots.
Detailed Exterior Model:Created using thousands of images and references. Everything from the airfoils used on the wings to actual tire sizes modeled with detail in mind. Includes a full set of high resolution textures including normal maps, specular maps and night lighting.
Highly Accurate 3D Cockpit: Fly Happy knowing what you are looking at really is to scale. 3D cockpit modeled of thousands of measurements taken from our real world…

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